I fell in love with the city at the platform at Landungsbrücken where you have such a nice view

Sarah Ploss
From Bavaria, Germany
4 years in Hamburg
Social Media Marketing at ABOUT YOU

You say you’ve learned to love Hamburg. What was your impression when you first arrived, and how did it change?

For years I was a big fan of Berlin because I liked its diversity, but I’ll never forget my first days in Hamburg. I fell in love with the city at the platform at Landungsbrücken where you have such a nice view over the river. Everywhere I’ve lived I needed a space where I can go, sit, listen to some music while having a nice view, thinking about everything. There was that place, and when I heard that Landungsbrücken is even called “Gateway to the World” I was immediately drawn into Hamburg. I can’t explain it, but I didn’t feel like a stranger, even though there are a lot of differences between the typical Bavarian and the typical Hamburger. I love the amount of water and bridges, as well as the architectural highlights. Hamburg is the second biggest city of Germany, but you don’t really notice it because you can explore so much by foot, and if you need some silence you visit Ovelgönne to take a walk with some sand between your toes.

You seem like a busy girl, do you really have 4 jobs? How do you keep up your energy?

The times that I had 4 jobs at once are over, but what gives me energy is my family. As they live in Bavaria I don’t see them very often, but I call one of them everyday. Also my best friend, who grew up with me since we were 3 years old: she’s like a sister to me and even if we don’t see each other more than one or two times a year, we still share everything with one another: hurray for smartphones! And last but not least my boyfriend who listens to my problems all the time and tells me not to make such a fuss: I guess I need that sometimes.

What are your travelling plans for in the future? How do you pick where you go?

My travel plans for the future… At the moment unfortunately I don’t like to think about it a lot, because like a lot of people in their twenties, I’m stuck between still feeling like a student and loving the freedom that time it gave regarding travelling and trying to start a life working full-time. But when I can manage it, a road trip through Ireland is calling for me. To find a destination I like being inspired by blogs: they don’t try to sell you something and are authentic. Anyway, I would never plan a holiday day by day. I like being spontaneous and keeping all options open. And I try not to get caught by the classical attractions of a place, but instead I try to find out what that place is doing with me. “Slow travel“ from Dan Kieran is a book every traveller needs to read.

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  • Best Bavarian cuisine in Hamburg?

I’d recommend the Hofbräuhaus at the Alster: the Weisswurst tastes just like in Bavaria and they have very good beer, of course ! The staff is typically dressed in Dirndl and Lederhosen, and I like it because it reminds me at home.

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