Just a Kansas girl in Hamburg trying to find her way – and the best schnitzel money can buy

Anna Allen
From Kansas, USA
3 years in Hamburg

There’s this other famous Kansas girl. How much do you and Dorothy have in common?

Dorothy and I share an affinity for pups, both own a pair of ruby red slippers, and have found ourselves in a tornado’s path once or twice. But she lost me at the flying monkeys and talking scarecrow. More than anything though, neither of us seem to back down from a challenge, no matter how far away we find ourselves from the beautiful wheat fields at home in Kansas.


What makes life abroad, specifically in Hamburg, worth it for you? Schnitzels count! 

I love waking up everyday knowing that I will learn, see, experience something new. Whether it be a new expression in German (Digga!), a new type of meat (where does this madness end?!), or rule (we are in Germany after all)!


You’d like to write your own memoir. Can you share a funny anecdote about moving to Hamburg that absolutely needs to go in there? 

There are so many to pick from… but here’s one from when I first moved here: While filling out a personal information document for work, under ‘Familienstand’ I wrote ‘Leidig’* instead of ‘Ledig’… when HR pointed it out I told her both were technically true… ha!

* Leidig means tiresome

The best schnitzel in Hamburg… hmmm… so far Dips ‘n Stix has proven to be pretty darn delicious.

twitter.com/aeallen // instagram.com/aeallen // everythinglovely.tumblr.com // aeallen@gmail.com // littleremindersoflove.blogspot.com // speakingofroyals.wordpress.com // facebook.com/aeallen


Where can we find the most delicious schnitzel in Hamburg?

The best schnitzel in Hamburg… hmmm… so far Dips ‘n Stix has proven to be pretty darn delicious.

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