People need more personal encounters

Marc Aberle & Bosse Küllenberg
From Metropolis
Forever in Hamburg

What gave you guys the idea to start Youpooly?

We enjoy going to events a lot. But what we love even more is hosting our own events, and having a good time with family, friends and friends of friends. These kinds of unique, personally organized events are our motivation. They are the source of many very personal and warm memories, life-time friendships and relationships.

We feel strongly that people need more of these personal encounters in our world of digital networks, in order to get to know each other face-to-face and to build more trust. The incredible technology available today allows us to help people to improve their digital-life balance by connecting with each other to create unique experiences.


There’s so many ways to connect these days: Facebook, Snapchat, you name it. Is Youpooly really different?

The big difference: Youpooly is not only about connecting, it is about inspiring people to get together face-to-face in real life and to bond through shared experiences. We strive to tear down the barriers of event hosting and increase accessibility to local happenings so that we can help build an experience community. Anyone can be the spark by creating an event with Youpooly and sharing and funding it with family, friends, friends of friends and everyone in the community. What you can organize is only limited by your imagination.


What would be your ultimate dream event organised through Youpooly?

Our ultimate dream would not be a single event, it would be countless social gatherings and happenings where anyone can find unique events and crowds that suite their own personal interests and passions. We want Youpooly to be the window through which people can see behind a city’s facade and discover and join locals at their own events and parties.

Are your hands itching to host an event in your neighbourhood? Download the Youpooly app and be the spark!

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