Seeing life as a journey

Zahra Lindenblatt
From Stade
7 years in Hamburg
Yoga teacher

Hi Zahra! How did you discover yoga?

I discovered yoga as a teenager but stopped following that path for a while. My uncle was practicing all kinds of different asanas and I thought he was a freak. My father is Yogi by birth, he is calm and peaceful by nature. When my first child was born, I started with meditation, which helps me not to take everything too seriously.

What are some surprising things you’ve tried in your life?

I have tried a lot of different jobs, I studied political science, Islamic science, then I started studying drama. Played on stage at venues like the Hamburger Kammerspiele, Brotfabrik Berlin… One of my last jobs was working in prison helping people express their emotions on stage. I was working for some public relations agencies – happy I did it but would not do it again.

What is the bravest thing you’ve done?

I was born – brave enough 😉

You’d like to chill out with Zahra and do some yoga? Visit one of her classes at  or

Photo credits: Gila Freudenthal


What’s the best place in Hamburg to do yoga?

Power Yoga Germany, Damn Good Yoga, Peace Out Yoga and so many more great studios!

Where in Hamburg do you love going with your kids?

Actually I love spending time with them and their and my friends in summer in Wohlers Park with lots of food.

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