“It all started with paint and brushes”

André Gießelmann
From Bad Oeynhausen
8 years in Hamburg
Started the label Mojo Snowboarding


Your label Mojo Snowboarding celebrates its 10th anniversary this year – congratulations! How did it all start?

Right, 10 years already … That still sounds very unrealistic somehow! I started the label when I was studying in Braunschweig – initially it was a way to finance my studies in Media Sciences and to hand out freshly-painted shirts and hoodies to my friends. Every piece of Mojo was unique and produced old school style – with a brush and some paint – by me. Over the years the label grew, demand rose and nowadays we produce our streetwear styles in Portugal. In addition to the online shop, we opened our Mojo flagship store in Sternschanze – come check it out at Kampstrasse 11!

Let’s get to the elephant in the room: snowboarding in Hamburg? The nearest “mountain” is 200 km away!

That’s true, haha. Snowboarding was the origin of the label. At that time my friends and I went up into the mountains every weekend wearing handpainted “Mojo Snowboarding Team” shirts. But the goal was never to make actual snowboarding gear – only streetwear. Snowboarding is still close to our hearts though – we organise a Mojo Snowboarding Tour in the Alps every year in February!

Apart from the Hamburger Berg (haha), where is your favourite place for snowboarding? And what do you do in summer, when there is no snow?

I love going to Tirol. My personal hotspot is the area of Serfaus, Fiss and Ladis. Sadly I don’t make it to the mountains so often anymore – but it’s all fine because I enjoy spending my free time with friends in Hamburg just as much. This summer I’ll try and get out of the city in my VW van – maybe hit up my favourite destination of Barcelona.

Come over for a chat with André and try on some cool shirts at the Mojo Store in Schanze, Kampstrasse 11 – or get in touch by email: andre@mojo-snowboarding.de



Where in Hamburg can we find you on a Saturday night?

If the weather plays along, I’ll meet some friends here in front of the Mojo Store. Then we’ll take a quick detour to the Tabakbörse Kiosk at the Grüner Jäger before spending all night at my favourite club – Kleiner Donner.

What’s the best place in Hamburg for hanging out with friends?

The Mojo Store, haha! I like hanging out at Park Fiction. I’m actually really looking forward to the opening of the new Salt & Silver restaurant of my buddies Cozy, Jo, Tobi, Janni & Flo! But there are so many great places in Hamburg … Just hop on your bike and ride along the Elbe to Blankenese, or even further!


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