Gängeviertel is a place for free art, free music and free people

Maxim Pfund, a.k.a. DJ LaVruss
From Pavlodar, Kazakhstan
6 years in Hamburg
DJ & Web developer

You’re a DJ! What can we hear when you’re behind the turntables?

I’ve been DJing for about three years now. I usually play a mix of tech house, deep melodic house and techno. But I’m very flexible – I’ll also play mainstream music, or even Russian party disco if you want. I just started producing my own sound, it’ll be more like tech house. My next gig is coming up soon, on Saturday June 17th at Baalsaal. If you can’t make that, you can see me at Himmelbeet in Berlin on June 24th.

How did you end up in Hamburg all the way from Kazakhstan? Have you ever been back?

I was just born in Kazakhstan, but my mom is Russian and my dad has German blood. We moved to Germany when I was 5 years old, to a little town 120 kilometers from Hamburg called Salzwedel. As a teenager I started visiting Hamburg for concerts and parties, and I fell in love with the city. So, after high school, I was really happy to get enrolled at the university here. When we moved to Germany, my grandparents moved back to the roots in Russia. We’ve visited them every Summer since I was 8 years old. They live in a tiny village near Kartaly. I love it there: the wide landscapes, and just so much space and air to breathe.


We’ve seen you hanging out in the Gängeviertel. What do you like about this place?

That’s right – on Friday June 9th, for instance, we had our first showcase there. It’s such a beautiful place, I really love it. The Gängeviertel is a place for free art, free music and free people. It’s a bit like communism, where people are peaceful and don’t live for the money. You can go there for drinks, to see a show or visit an art gallery – all based on donations.

Would you like to dance to Maxim’s tech house or maybe his Russian disco music? Get in touch >> https://www.facebook.com/LaVrussDJ/



Any tips on where to have a good time during the G20 Summit in Hamburg?

Some friends of mine will play good techno music at Prinzenbar. If anyone wants to dance, they should join!

Where can we dance to really good music in Hamburg?

Baalsaal always has good electronic music and good sounds, but the clubs Waagenbau, Moloch and Docks are also worth a visit.

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