Madrid and Hamburg, two cities with a powerful street art scene

Sara Velazquez
From Madrid, Spain
3 years in Hamburg
Senior 2D Artist


Do you believe there is something you can say with your illustrations that you are unable to convey otherwise?

I graduated in Fine Arts and have been working for over 10 years at illustration studios and video games companies. However, surprisingly only in the past years I realized I could find myself in my illustrations. They provide me a tool for self expression. Before I started drawing I used to express myself through photography. Everyone should be able to find their creative self. Some people write, some take photos, some play an instrument.

Can you compare the artistic scene you are used to in Madrid to the one you discovered in Hamburg?

What I love about both cities, Madrid and Hamburg, is their acceptance and love for street art. I usually go to street art expos, I love them!  In Madrid you can visit La Tacabalera and Swinton & Grant, those are my favourite art spaces. In Hamburg I specially like the Affenfaust Galery, Oberfett, Millentor Galery or K-OZ. Since I put my feet in this city Knotenpunkt 2014 has been my favourite expo by far. That one was impressive.

Where did your find inspiration for your upcoming and first expo in Hamburg “Magical Forest”?

Meditation. Those creatures are born by letting my mind free and flow. It reflects what I feel without any weight of the society or esthetical conditioning. Magical Forest is a secret and enchanted universe where some little curious Creatures of Light live and vibrate, sharing emotions and feelings from the deepest root of their essence.


Where is your spot to get inspired?

The beach at Neumühlen. I live close to the Altona Station and where I need inspiration I take my bike and spend the day there.

Favorite artist from Hamburg?

I don’t have a favorite artist but my favorite galleries are Affenfaust , Oberfett, Millentor Galery or K-OZ.



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